As a result of the experience acquired in recent years, together with the constant effort to improve and refine every small or bigger detail, in  SG group company we can boast of offering the market top quality products.

We maintain control of all materials with which our products are manufactured, we select all its components with rigid quality controls and we have strict control over the production in our assembly lines.

QualityIn addition, our products pass efficiency  and over-stress controls in our facilities before start sales in our markets. Equally, all products have the homologations and regulations required for each market where we market them.

As a result of all this effort, our products today have the confidence of thousands of distributors in Spain and abroad, and hundreds of thousands of final customers.  Their fidelity put in value clear positive results and pushes us to continue investing and working hard.

SG Group thanks all our direct and indirect employees and also all our suppliers, the commitment with our company in terms of quality.