Quality Policy

The Group SG Quality Policy is based on the following principles:
– Our faithful commitment of continuous improvement of our company quality management, as well as products that achieve the full satisfaction of our customers, after the analysis and understanding of their needs and expectations
– Programming of quality objectives and goals reviewed every year, to maintain our policy effectively and efficiently.
– Compliance with the legislation and / or regulations applicable to our company and our products, as well as other agreements that are established with our customers and / or suppliers.
– Provision of all required measures to facilitate the missions of every person who participates in the company, in productivity, comfort and safety.
– Development, design and production of products with maximum efficiency in its operation, quality, reliability and maintenance.
– Marketing of products with a high price-quality ratio, which must be consistent with their function and with the needs and expectations of our client.
– Provision of an excellent after-sales service during or out of guarantee, where any of our clients has access to the best support of qualified professionals at all levels.
– Achieving the greatest effectiveness of all processes within our organization, levels and areas.
– Participation of all people within the company to achieve continuous improvement of our quality management system.
– Review of this policy, communication, publication and announcement within all areas of our organization.
Everything is communicated to all stakeholders to be read, understood, applied and kept up to date by all who are part of SG Group.

Óscar Losantos Calvo

Manager of Stock Garden Group S.L.