In SG Group, we are specialized in manufactuning of portable electric generators with gasoline engin, or by propane, and big generators with diesel engine. Besides, we have professional families of autonomous machinery also with engine, such as motor-compressors, welder-generators, pressure washers, waterpumps… Under our “Greenproduct” brand, we also manufacture energy solutions more sustainable with environment, looking to take advantage of renewable energies.

All our products are developed and manufactured under our brands Genergy, MGA-Spain, and Green-Product. They comply with current quality standards and with all the necessary requirements and cerfifications for the different markets where they are marketed.



Portable Electric Generators

Gasoline or propane


Big Generators

Diesel engine


Families of Autonomous Machinery

Motor-compressors, welder-generators, pressure-washers, waterpumps…

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